At first glance, dandelions are nothing more than a weed that you probably pull up and throw away, hoping that more will not return in its place. But even this common ‘flower’ has intricacies beyond those well known. They are a source of vitamins and every part of the plant has various health benefits.

My favorite part though is their sensitivity to light: they open in the sun and close at night or when the weather is gloomy.

Spending time with children with disabilities, I have found that there is so much more than is revealed by the outward appearance, sudden outbursts, or altogether silence. There is such beauty and value in each child. There is not a person without a purpose nor one that does not have a significant contribution to make.

And oh how they come alive when they feel the love of the Son!

So my hope is that I will spend my life picking “dandelions” if you will, learning from children with special needs, revealing their great worth, and acting as a vessel of the Father’s love. This blog is a piece of my story in pursuit of this.


4 responses to “dandelions

  • Mollie

    brilliant title- nicely done and perfectly thought provoking!

  • Laura

    Hi! I’ve read through your blog a bit and it seems awesome. I am a college junior and I’ve recently gotten really interested in occupational therapy. Do you have any advice for me? I know that I need to shadow and do well in the prereqs. But if I pursue occupational therapy, I’d definitely like to work in a more community focused capacity like you, mostly domestically but possibly some work also abroad. What avenues do you think would be open to me to do this in my career? What do you think it is about occupational therapy that makes it uniquely suited to do community work?


    • hcmorse

      Hi Laura, there is a lot that goes into those questions. My core response is to seek God’s will and allow Him to establish your steps. In looking into programs, look for ones that value occupation centered practice and theory of occupation; also ask about opportunities to participate in community based practice. Though you need to shadow, I would advise getting life experience that expand your worldview. There are many settings to engage in community based practice for OT’s such as clubhouse models, farms, rehab programs, departments, and non-profits. As for being suited for community work, OT’s are focused on helping people, a character quality that often is found in those who also want to better entire communities. Good luck on pursuing OT!

      • Laura

        Hi!Thank you for answering my question. By any chance would you be able to give your opinion on what makes a person suited for ot vs other health care fields, such as being a physician assistant for example?

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