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dressed and ready

I feel about like a little girl that went to work with her dad and came home sure of what she wants to be when she grows up. Dressed in scrubs 5 sizes too big, but ready to be doctor and go to work. Remember when you were like that? With dreams and aspirations, ready to act well before your time?

This weekend was World Mandate, a missions conference put on by my church. Many people first experience a passion for reaching the nations during this weekend and proceed to give their lives to reaching the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our speakers were powerful and they boldly spoke the word of God, sharing stories from their lives and challenging us to live fully and urgently for Jesus.

This would be amazing if I wasn’t already anxious to go. By the end of the last speaker on Sunday my heart was burning for children with disabilities all around the world. I can only explain it as a heightened awareness of their presence and great needs in every country. The altar call was who wanted to run to the battle? ME! This wasn’t new, but I was hoping I would get a different answer from God about going.

The lady praying over me kept speaking that she felt like God was saying this was a season of equipping even beyond elevate; it is a time of God preparing me and giving me the tools I need.

I was hoping for Drop your nets and follow me. As if I hadn’t heard God speak the same thing about training and equipping almost every day for the last couple years.

Elevate. Graduate School. Experience. Nations.

That’s at least 5 years.

So like I was saying in the beginning, I’m a little girl who went to work with her Dad (heavenly Father) in Mexico and China a couple of times and came back sure of her career path. I’m dressed and ready, with a heart fully devoted yet years ahead of training in order to actually ‘go to work.’

Training is great. And so important. But don’t you know, I can’t wait to really go.


Mollie in China

As exciting and wonderful as it is to go, I just love being able to send others out. My friend Mollie, who I went to China with in June will soon be returning to Shepherd’s Field for 3 months. It has been so fun to watch the Lord lead her to return over the last months and now I can hardly wait to hear all that He does in and through her in her time there. When I found out for sure, it took all of me to not burst with joy in the coffee shop where I was reading.


Mollie is such a mission-minded woman of God with a passionate tender heart for orphans with disabilities. She is a blessing to walk and dream with and her trip is definitely one worth following and investing in prayerfully. I encourage you to keep up with One Redhead’s Journey as she loves on and lives with the kids at Shepherd’s Field.

1 Corinthians 1:27

Nothing can stop God from revealing himself to His children: not the government; not disability; not abandonment.

Take a look at these faces… can’t you see the joy of the Lord in each?

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I just returned from two weeks loving on and being loved by children with special needs at a faith-based orphanage in China. Even before they were born God chose them and adopted them as His own. The logic of communism, the distaste for children with disabilities, and the pain of being orphaned say that these children should never know the name of Jesus. But I tell you our God is bigger and these children are coming to know their Lord, revealing it to all who visit.

We pray for breakthrough in the government that the gospel may be made known. We pray for orphans to be set in families. We pray for children with disabilities to receive value and services. Is this not what is being accomplished through these children? I tell you I have witnessed Him answering each of these prayers. God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong (1 Corinthians 1:27). He chose the unwanted and the disabled to bring the gospel to China and to completely transform my life.

When I take a look at these faces, I can’t help but thank the Lord for the unique ways in which He works!

Lights to the world

Today was our last full day in China. I could stay here so much longer but I guess that’s no surprise.

In the last two weeks we have evaluated children, made home care recommendations, created a circle time program and positioning schedule, developed a packet with schedules and ideas for visiting groups, rearranged and fit kids in wheelchairs, reorganized rooms and spent hours upon hours loving on the children.

And that doesn’t even include our team times and tourist days.

As a team we grew together as we approached our Father, walked in his favor and depended on his wisdom. We laughed with those on staff and interceded together for one another and on behalf of shepherds field.

When I return to the US tomorrow and am asked ‘how was china?’ my answer will be nothing short of wonderful. And though everything above played into my experience here, I will likely share of the children.

Like the one with autism that spends his days hiding from the world behind the couch… But would sit with us smiling and laughing in contentment curled up beneath my arm on the couch.

Or the little girl who is blind and does nothing more than lay in bed… But would light up with a smile when we held her in our arms.

And then there is the boy with CP who couldn’t stop laughing the whole time we were walking in his new chair where he was strapped in for safety. Its the only time I’ve ever tried to get a child to stop laughing… I was concerned about his safety!

Oh and there is the little boy at another special needs orphanage we visited that can’t move his arms but does everything with his feet: eating, playing, fine motor activities (all with a gentle smile and joyful spirit) he even gave me a high five with his toes!

And you can’t deny the presence of the lord as children break out singing Jesus loves me in English with the ayis attempting to join in even though they don’t speak the language.

I could keep going on and on about the children here and the ways we have witnessed our Father working in and through their lives. They are such brilliant lights to the world. Maybe it’s selfish of me but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t give up such a calling for anything.

The kingdom belongs to children such as these and I want to be a part.

China Update

The last couple days have been full with my heart continuing to expand, our team continuing to be filled with greater love for the children and the children daily being loved on by amazing women from China and the US.

Everyday we fall more in love with the kids with shared joy over every smile picture and stride in a good direction.

There have been those children that have found a special place in each of our hearts. Unfortunately some of us arent yet old enough to bring the children home and others receives clear instructions against doing so. Someday…

We have all come to love Dr.Ana, one if the doctors here. She is so fun, encouraging, and life giving. I wish I had someone like her in my life all the time! In the midst of taking us jewelry shopping and sight seeing and planning for the children she makes plans for each of our returns.

One of the older girls at sfcv has been teaching a couple of us Chinese dances. We are pretty much pros now (or at least I feel like I was doing better than in Sing)

Tonight was spa night complete with hair cuts, face masks, pedicares, and massages for all the female staff, interns and our team. It was so much fun to pamper one another and the other women we have so easily come to love and admire.

Just like always I am being transformed by all that our father is doing here and loving every moment. I am so excited for all that is still to come and still to be done both her and upon return!

From Mollie…

Ni Hao!

This is Mollie, a fellow teammate of Hanna. Although Hanna has been hatin’ on me and Lindsay for being Aggies, she has since repented and consoled us by assuring that she “thinks we’re great!”

We are having a blast serving the staff, loving on the precious kiddos, and experiencing the culture!

Our fine motor skills are drastically improving as we begin to master the art of using chopsticks.

We each have acquired about 3-4 Chinese words. One of Hanna’s words included “buh-bye”, translated “bye-bye”…

Hanna and I both suffered a bout of missing luggage but it finally arrived Wednesday and we did a happy dance for clean clothes! One of the long term staff here commented on our delight by saying “Now you know what I feel like when I get permesean cheese!” (an item she misses from the States).

Tomorrow we head to the Great Wall!

Thanks for your prayers!


The Lord has blessed us immensely in allowing us to accomplish so much in a short period of time!

i love china.

Right now I am listening to videos of the kids singing praise songs in Chinese and English as I try to come up with a way to put everything into words.
We are walking in favor, laying a foundation that will far outlast our time and having a BLAST doing it. I am absolutely amazed by the facilities, programs, founders and children. They have had hundreds of kids adopted and have funded and care for even more surgeries. The children go to an onsite school upon turning 2.5 and receive therapy, which for many is multiple days each week.
In the midst of all thats going on, our team is working to create visual schedules meeting the needs of the children with greater needs, creating a circle time program for the kids not attending school and putting together information and activity ideas for visiting groups.
I am so blessed to be a part of this team… We encompass PT, OT and special education…. And when we arrived found out that a speech pathologist had just arrived for a month! This group of women has such a heart and devotion to what we are working towards and such clear and founded vision. It is so fun and life giving to be around people that are given to the same things! Don’t you know that I could spend the rest of my life doing this?
I have fallen in love with these children. I say that almost as if it were a doubt that it would happen. Remember how in the grinch stolenchristmas his heart grew 2 sizes? Thats about how I feel. My heart has indeed grown in size as I have been filled with such great love for China and orphans with disabilities!
I have a whole list of favorites and am amazed by who they all are. But to tell of them all would just be too much. Please continue to remember us over the next week as we ask for continued favor power and wisdom.