About me…

993744_10201535971854358_2136908180_nI love people, learning, and spending time outdoors. I’m always eager for adventure and like asking questions, but I’m most pleasant after a cup of coffee in the morning.

My heart is big and full of love for other nations, orphans, and kids with disabilities. Give me one and I’m in love, all three and I’m beautifully ruined. I’m given to the combination, but I’m sold out only for Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

I have a deep love for the kids across the US and around the world that have changed my life and set the trajectory for my future.

Thanks to Baylor I bleed green and gold. And teach everyone I know how to do a sic ’em.

Summers in Mexico and nine months in a discipleship school called Elevate left me ruined for life with Jesus.

Daily I become more aware of my inner nerdiness as I work toward a Graduate Degree in Occupational Therapy and whatever comes next.

A definite work in progress, I can hardly wait to see the way God expands my heart and equips my hands to love His children in the months and years to come!


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