The Single Story

There are things I could share about my time in Malawi that would make it sound like vacation.

There are others that would make it sound challenging and refining.

Still there are others that would make it sound quite similar to life in the US.

Truly it is all of these.

Something my current supervisor has challenged us to consider is the power of the single story. Often we create an entire perspective of a culture, experience, or person based on a single story. But there are many stories. There are many aspects.

As I write I share a piece of my story here and of OT in Malawi, of my life as an expat, an OT student, and a Christian in Malawi, here for a few weeks in a few places. But it is only a few pieces and even then only a few of my single story.

I wish I could better share about Malawi and life here beyond my story to paint a more accurate picture. I wish I knew more of Malawi to have a more accurate picture. It is an incredible place with both beauty and challenges and challenges that reveal beauty. It is a place that has great need and great things to offer. There is much to learn from and of Malawi.


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