Sleeping with Elephants

Last weekend we went on Safari at Liawonde National Park.



Saturday we did a game drive with high hopes of seeing elephants. Though we had a lovely time seeing all kinds of animals and enjoying the African sunset and pleasant drive on the Safari vehicle, we saw no elephants.


Disappointed we decided to book the boat safari for the next morning.

However, as we slept in our tent that night we heard loud footsteps all around us. Slightly concerned about the hippos that were probably roaming just outside our tent we didn’t move.

IMG_2922It wasn’t until the next morning that we were told that not only were there hippos (and of course warthogs and monkeys) near us, but the elephants had come through as well!

Our boat safari was pleasant and we enjoyed seeing heaps of hippos and crocodiles much larger than I could have imagined. And just five minutes before time to return what did we see, but a whole family of ELEPHANTS!





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