A short update

The election results were finally released Friday, the new President was inaugurated Saturday and celebration ensued today. With that behind us and school back in session, the pace is picking up again at Sandi-Blantyre as we head into our last week here.

In the meantime, we have been busy working on projects and presentations and enjoying our time here. I presented on how sensory processing patterns can inform treatment and Shannon presented on ADHD. We have also worked on diagnosis brochures for the clinic and developing a community based program to be presented later this week and implemented in the weeks to come. We visited the gorgeous Satemwa Tea Estates for tea and cake, went out in Blantyre for music, visited the Blantyre market and ordered clothes made of local fabric from the tailor.

In the midst of learning and being tourists, we have so deeply enjoyed the people we have come to know here in Blantyre. The therapists we work with have been incredible at showing us around and including us in their lives. It has been a blast to become friends with them and even get to celebrate our CI at a wedding shower this last weekend. The community here is great and it is definitely one that we will miss as we move up to Lilongwe next weekend. However, we are excited for the adventures we will find there and to hang out with friends from there we have already made!

I am horrible at taking pictures, but promise to have some soon especially since we will be camping and heading on Safari this weekend.


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