Malawi Bound (tomorrow)


My “graduation” ceremony is over now and my “vacation” time is almost done.

This time tomorrow I will be on a plane in route to Malawi—8 weeks of my Level II Fieldwork Rotation working in a pediatrics private practice.

My bags are (mostly) packed. Travel arrangements are made. Farewells have mostly been said to friends who will have moved by the time I return. I have my general schedule. Its almost time to go.

I have been asked frequently what I am most excited about and so goes my answer:
learning, expanding and growing.

I am excited to learn and get to practice pediatric OT, to expand my worldview and see the world and clients through a different cultural lens, and to grow as a practitioner and a person. I see the next 8 weeks with little certainty of what it will be like yet great expectancy for what will come of it. I am hopeful that through practice and time overseas I will gain clarity in the next steps I should take as I actually finish graduate school this summer. And then on top of that, I am thrilled for the opportunity to experience a new culture—people, way of life, language, food, and attractions!

Moni Malawi!

(Hello Malawi)


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