A Short Update

This year is one of adventure and I am cherishing the fullness of it.

In the last four weeks…

I have been gone more than I have been home.

Spent time in small town(s) North Carolina, Florida, Virginia, and Maryland

Completed my first marathon


Returned to Disney World for the first time in 18 years


Begun learning basic Chichewa in prep for my time in Malawi 

Attended my first AOTA conference


Caught a glimpse of the end of my time in graduate school 

As everything seems to fly by, I am learning the discipline of being present–cherishing yesterday, enjoying today, and looking forward to tomorrow. Each day I am finding grace to embrace the present without clinging to the past or worrying over the future. Last week the conference was great, but now I’m back in class and even this I want to enjoy–my present schooling will soon come to a close. I still don’t know where I will find a job or live come August, but I am trusting that the one who has led me thus far will continue to establish the steps before me. 



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