its the process that is rich

In a few short months I will finish graduate school. The mix of emotions attached to that statement could fill a book, but that’s for another time.

Before starting I made this odd list of completely unrealistic goals.


If you knew me before I moved out to NC you know how unrealistic and uncharacteristic of me (or who I was) each of these is. You know how lofty they feel to you reading them? That’s how they were to me as well. And halfway through they still were.

Let me be honest: I’m not sure why I made them or wrote them down. I didn’t actually intend to achieve any.

But here I am now just shy of meeting them. One thing led to another and for some reason, friends agreed to join me in the triathlon and bike ride and marathon training.

Tomorrow I’ll check “run a marathon” off my list. I’m sure it will be rewarding and incredible to cross the finish line.

BUT, I am convinced that the richness has been in the process…

the friendships that have developed as we ran mile after mile together; the value of having friends join me for the long runs even when they aren’t running the marathon; the sweet revelations about life—friendship, community, covering, perseverance; the memories and meals we shared, the delight I finally came to find in running (after weeks of running); learning the value of rest; experiencing breakthrough right after it seemed impossible

Halfway through the training plan we never really followed, I was confident this would be a first and last (And I was reconsidering the first part). The outcome didn’t seem to merit the means in my mind.

I must tell you–going for what seems impossible, the process is rich regardless of whether we achieve the outcome. Its the most incredible experience to step over the line in your mind where what was impossible becomes an approaching reality.

It doesn’t matter so much now whether I cross the finish line tomorrow… already it has been worth it.

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