Be known: seeds of acquaintanceship

I am convinced we all want to be known and to feel known.

There is such value in only speaking a sentence, yet conveying the fullness of your heart. In not explaining anything yet being fully understood. In having people know the value of your destination because they’ve made the preceding journey with you.

I am so grateful for the friendships that offer this and the life we have lived together.No doubt, I love NC; there is truly no place I’d rather be. Yet there is no comparison to spending a weekend with the friends I speak of.

My heart is grateful and my spirit is refreshed.

As I build new friendships in North Carolina, I reflect on the years that have gone into these… these friendships weren’t birthed overnight, nor did I recognize their value for quite some time. Yet here I am 4 and 5 years later with women that I know I will walk with for years to come.

These friendships were grown from seeds of [divine] acquaintanceship.

Surrounded by delightful acquaintances, I can help but wonder at what the seeds around me may grow into!


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