Which different?

Though I graduated over a year ago, somedays its as if the reality of change is just setting in.

As I embark upon my checklist of reading assignments, there are no fresh baked blondies on the stove and no competitive game of bananagrams waiting for a rematch. Roommates aren’t studying diligently in the next room distracted by imposing conversation during my study breaks.

Its often not until we have a background of familiarity or a clear image of otherness that we truly recognize ‘different.’ Life is markably different now.

Different is the mere result of a comparison between two things. Conformists hate it. Rebels strive for it. Sometimes its good, others bad. Mostly I just think its different. The meanings are endless eliciting conflict in conversation and decision making.

Example: different president.

Different good or different bad? Im sure there are a plethora of highly opinionated answers.

As I expressed the tension of ‘differentness‘ in my life to my mom this afternoon her wisdom beckoned the question I had yet to put into words. Not is different good or bad, but is different best? With further thought I would go on to argue that its not is it best; I think different is inevitable. Instead the question is:

which different is best?

I have two years of graduate school ahead of me. Rewind two years—I was fresh back from a summer in Mexico, beginning my senior year of college, and taking the GRE with the question of grad school or Elevate on the distant horizon. It seems like ages ago. Fast-forward two years and I can hardly imagine.

No doubt life will once more be different. But with the Lord as my shepherd and guide I remain confident of this: He will be with me, and His presence is good.


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