New Room!

I am now settled in North Carolina and believe it or not after just 2 short days, my room is completely done! I am so grateful for my parents’ help finding furniture and putting it together!

This may in fact be may favorite part: the coffee station.

Ive been planning to paint the shelf since high school, and love the color contrast it brings in the room. Though unintentional, it seems the contents of the shelf turned out an ode to my years in mexico.

So happy to have a ‘big girl’ bed now. I feel grown up. We found the lamp at an antique store and I modge podged a map I had over three canvasses.

The desk and bookshelf are from Sam’s (so happy to have more space for books and organization) but I got the chair from Restore. I sanded it and painted it yellow and love the way it looks!

We found the dresser at an antique store- thanks Nana!

I am stocked up for the winter. In Waco, we didn’t hardly drop below freezing. Not here. Flannel sheets, my fleece onesie and extra blankets calm my fear of being cold.

And for all those who wonder if I still organize my clothes by color. I do. And love it.

With new car insurance today, tomorrow I shall set out to brave the DMV, take a NC drivers test, register my car, and get new license plates!


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