Ramblings of my heart

When I get really excited or really happy I do this thing where I list off all the people and things I love or like.

Those close to me know what I’m talking about.

I go on and on and on. And it happens frequently as I get excited about lots of things. And love lots of people.

It goes something like this….

I absolutely loveeeee my campers. I have the best campers ever. I was so so proud of them today. I just love (insert camper name here) soooo much. Really I just adore (him/her). You would so love camp. Oh and our counselors and volunteers…I really like (insert counselor/volunteer name here) a lot. I think I just love camp. Oh and I am so excited to go to Waco next week. I love Waco so much and I just love (insert friend name here). (She/he) is soooo awesome. You would love them. Oh and North Carolina! I am so excited for North Carolina and Grad school. It is going to be so awesome. God is doing so much there! You should move to NC too!

Though this seems superficial, it really comes from a deep place of love for each, an overflow of God’s love for me that I can’t quite seem to contain. Even though I know everyone would not love camp or Waco or NC the way I do, my suggestions come from a heart that has experienced a greater glimpse of God’s love for me in each place and can’t help but desire that for others too.

I wish everyone could see the tender hearts and sensitive spirits of my campers.

I wish you could really hear the miracle of a full sentence coming from one of their mouths.

I wish you could see the beauty of God’s hand in a good choice, a caring heart or a simple friendship.

I wish everyone could know the promises that God has hidden in Waco and the leaders he is raising up in NC to go out and change the world.

I love these things. I love this life.

At camp we pledge our eyes to see the beauty around us. And when I open my eyes… thats just what I see. And I love it.


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