1000 Glimpses of Gratitude


Today my dad headed to Guatemala. Tomorrow I move back to Little Rock.

What beautiful change…bring on transition!

Transition can be rough, no doubt, but I’m not afraid. I know hard can be good, and loneliness isn’t necessarily bad.There have been times when I have do so horribly and really tanked, but each time I have found grace, learned, and grown. And each time I have found this to be true:

comparison is the thief of joy, but gratitude lays a foundation for contentment.

I can spend my time ‘pondering’ what life would be like if________ was different [job, appearance, church, school, house, health, etc]…. you fill in the blank. But when I finish analyzing the ways to improve my life in respect to my friends and when the daydream drifts back into reality, I am no closer to contentment, nor do I feel any better about my circumstances.

However, gratitude opens our eyes to the beauty around us. It sets our hearts at ease and ushers in a spirit of joy. This summer my goal is this:

choose gratitude.

Find beauty and enjoyment in the little things, the hard places, and the most unexpected opportunities. 1000 glimpses. Ready, go.


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