Top 10 in Waco

fTop 10 Places I’ve made Memories in Waco:

1. Cameron Park– hands down favorite place in Waco. Hiking, running, swimming, hammocking, picnicing, longboarding, tortilla throwing, frisbeeing. The list seems endless with at least a dozen memories attached to each part.

2. the mountain:2F– First apartment, community group, dating relationships, [LOTS of] burnt toast, way too many stairs, open door, laughter and tears. These girls are the forever friends everyone hopes they will find in college (or life in general for that matter)                                                          

3. Antioch Community Church– from Life Group to Sunday Mornings to Awaken, I will never be the same because of the people at this church that chose to say ‘yes’ to God embracing all that He says and following Him with abandon.

4. Moody Library- reason #1 I didn’t make this list “top 10 favorites;” however, I spent more time here and made more random memories here than almost anywhere else in college. Embarrassed? no. Nerd? Maybe a little.

5. Cafe Cappucino– the memories are endless and the tradition runs deep.

6. Elevate– yes yes Elevate is a part of ACC, but having given 9 months to it, its necessary to include separately. {Refining. Crazy. Encouraging. Fire. Delight. Joy. Strength. Challenge. Support. Family.}

7. #crawford– George, coffee, blondies, and monsters. Shall I say more? How dearly I love the girls I lived with and the friends that dwelt in our home.                 

8. Baylor Bear Trail– there’s no telling how many times I have made this loop around campus over the years. Walking, fake running, and eventually actually running, all the while cultivating friendship and creating memories. Its not always the big things that grow fondest in our hearts but the consistency of the everyday that instills deep sweetness.

9. Baylor Science Building– reason #2 I didn’t make this list “top 10 favorites;” however, with almost all my classes here and the ladies at the cafe knowing my order, it had to make the list.

10. Homestead Heritage- sweet potato fries and butter pecan ice cream. And a few friends to accompany you of course. 

Dangit. 10 is not nearly enough. Because there’s also Mr. Sno, Common Grounds, XMAS on 5th, Special Needs Ministry, Sonic, TriDelta, Lake Whitney and sooooo many more. I have truly been blessed.

In all these you may see that it really wasn’t ever about the place at all, but the people that filled it, the relationships we built, and a sweet encounter with God in each.


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