A testimony

A teammate and I both wanted to go on a “treasure hunt” looking for those hungry for the good news of the gospel. We asked God for instruction and set out to abide in Him and run some errands. Coming out of the grocery store, my teammate immediately turned to talk to a girl approaching us. She told us that she didn’t know much about the Issa (Jesus) of whom we talked, so we shared of the son of God who loves her so much that He died for her, cleansing her of all her sins.

You mean He can forgive all of my sins?  She asked. YES. Yes He can. And then she followed with the question revealing her hunger: Can you tell me how to meet this Issa? 

At our next meeting our friend skipped the small talk immediately asking us to pick up where we had left off and tell her more about Jesus. This is what I need. I just know this is what I need, she expressed time and time again as we shared about our friend Jesus. She was broken and desperate for new life, freedom from loneliness, and hope to live. We shared the way to God, a glimpse of the Father’s heart for her, and how according to John 15:15 God does not call us slaves, but friends. With Islam,  she replied, I was a slave, but now I will be a friend of Jesus. She told us that that night she would go home and pray. She would confess all her sins to Jesus and He would become her best friend and take away her loneliness. And thats what she did.

Two days later as we met again, she shared how she felt peace and happiness inside and how the previous two days had been the best of her life (including full marks on her exam and hope for restored relationships). We shared more of God’s heart for her and His unconditional love, before teaching her to hear God for herself. As we asked God to speak to her heart she lit up and spit out He says I am a good person!  Coming from a christian culture rather than a muslim one, I don’t think we fully understand the depth of approval she experienced in hearing that. As our conversation continued she expressed her confusion with her circumstances so we encouraged her to once again go to God and ask for vision; we explained that she can ask Him anything. She looked up after asking Him and shared what He had told her: He brought her to University so far from her family in order to remove her from the control under which she had lived so that she might experience true freedom. Wow. After showing her how to access the Bible online, we prayed for her and sent her out to finish her final exams. Our hope is that she will continue learn of God’s love for her, grow in wisdom through the scriptures, and share her new freedom and hope with her friends and family.

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