Values revealed

I’m moved out of my house now with my car methodically packed and loaded with all I could possibly need for the next 5 or 6 weeks. The organizationalist in me shall be stretched as there is no more stopping transition. The next 4 months will be an adventure.

I find it funny what things we deem necessities. Tomorrow I head overseas where the temp will range from 60-85 daily. So in my carry-on size bag i have three jackets and 2 cardigans. In the front seat of my car I have my Keurig coffee maker for easy access and in my trunk I have my french press… for back up (for my time in Waco that is.)

When we are forced to condense, it often becomes clear what we value. In a practical sense, this is warmth and coffee. From a relational perspective it is no different. As my time here diminishes, it becomes easier to know what to say yes to and to what to say no.

This one is a clear yes:

Though I kind of said goodbye to Elise last night, I have no doubt in my mind that its not goodbye at all. One of my closest friends in Waco, Elise and I have never been a part of any of the same activities, organizations, churches etc. We are friends just because we are friends. And she is one of those deep down friends that can look across the table and say everything without saying anything. She challenges and encourages me, and has laughed, cried, struggled, and succeeded with me. For this lady I am abundantly grateful.


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