Transitional Return to Blogging

Okay, so I have successfully failed at blogging. Probably even moreso than the half dozen or so times that I have made this statement in previous entires.

However, I have ambitions to begin again.

Though in a sense I do blog for you and all the others that read what I write, I find that I love being able to read previous entries, to reflect on memories, and reminisce on past mountains, valleys, joys, pains, and most of all the presence of the One who leads me through it all.

In blogging its as if I take a word picture in the midst of my typically fast paced life. For a moment I push pause to process a day, a season, or an experience, before resuming everything. Its when I return weeks, months, and now even years later, I am able to much more clearly see the purposeful hand of our sovereign God, moving in and through my life working all things for the good of those who love him.

With such vision, how can I stop?

In the midst of transition(s) I don’t want to miss a thing. My aspiration is to chronicle my experiences, revelations, and reflections over the next few months as I close the chapter of my life lived out in Waco and move halfway across the country to continue the path set before me!

Waco->Clifton->Waco->Overseas->Waco->Missouri->Waco->Little Rock (and who knows where else in the midst!)->North Carolina… can you tell I’ll have a hard time leaving this place where I swore I never wanted to stay?

So with pleasure I invite you to follow along my journey that maybe you will find humor, encouragement, or revelation along the way! 


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