I am living in disbelief.

1. My car is totalled. (though in my mind its still parked outside)

2. I have been accepted to UNC-Chapel Hill. (however I feel as if I should still be waiting-i grew fond of it)

3. I am running a 15K on Saturday morning (it wasn’t so long ago that I DIDNT run)

I am sure you have had situations such as these whether the emotions are sad, happy, or overwhelming–its those times when life doesn’t seem real.

So I wonder at what point I will cross the threshold from disbelief to reality.

When I get a new car? When I move? When I am on mile 3, 6, 9 of hills?

In the meantime I get to taste of each a bit as I take in the rollercoaster of reality.

And it makes me even more grateful for a God who is consistently my reality.


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