Oh hey there NC

Right now I am….

humbled. excited. fun. happy. stoked. humbled. wowed.

and a whole lot more.

The punch line: I have been accepted to the Occupational Therapy Program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Truly it is by the grace of God and good decisions…

Knowing all that went in to building my resume without the intent of building a resume, I am so humbled by the fact that all my days have been ordained for me and God has had it all planned out all along the way.

There is so much to be thankful for in the past years of God shaping me and molding me and guiding me. But for now the mere announcement is enough.

In the meantime, I have been nominated for a fellows at UNC. Please pray with me that the committee would look on my resume and application with favor.

Wow. So excited.

4 responses to “Oh hey there NC

  • Regina

    Congratulations Hanna. Love you, Regina

  • Leigh Ann (Evan's mom)

    Congratulations, Hanna! I had goose bumps and tears as your mom shared your wonderful news with me today! Please know I’ll be praying for your fellowship opportunity. So happy for you!!!

  • Jean Cates

    Dear Sweet Hanna, Poppa and I aare so proud of you for being accepted at UNC. Getting the fellowship would be icing on an already delicious cake, And God is an expert at icing cakes!!! Love you, Nana

  • Mollie

    Hanna! Congratulations dear friend! I am so very happy for you! We’ve known He has great things for you and now it is so neat to watch them unfold! Love you!

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