A few more thoughts from my grandmother…

“Be first to reconcile when a conflict arises with family or friends—regardless of who is at fault. ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’”

“Pray regularly and seriously for the people in your life you do not like. It will change your heart—and perhaps theirs.”

“Be true to yourself (never phony), honest and sincere, being very careful to keep your word.”

“Look directly into the eyes of whoever is speaking to you. Really listen. This is the ultimate compliment.”

“Give every task and undertaking your best effort—then don’t worry. Trust God with the rest.”

“Be patient with others. Realize that we are all still learning and making mistakes. We are still growing up into what God wants us to be. We need His constant care and guidance along the way. And praise God, He’s there for each of us!”


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