Just from my grandmother…

“Take responsibility for your own choices and actions. Blaming others is an unacceptable cop-out.”

 “Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Your great-grandfather often said ‘You can always find what you are really looking for. Don’t be a buzzard. Be a bee!’”

“Don’t allow things to become permanent that are meant to be temporary…Don’t cling to past problems that will discolor your present and future. Live in the moment. Enjoy today!”

 “Never loose your sense of wonder and awe of God’s gifts. Be open to receive them and give thanks.”

“If your words will not encourage or be a blessing, keep them to yourself. Most criticisms and corrections (regardless of how well meant) are not appreciated. Avoid them unless they are specifically requested. Be generous with out praise of others.”

“Saying ‘I was wrong. I am sorry.’ Does not hurt and it does not cause people to think less of you. Honestly admitting our failures connects us to God’s power.”


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