Even more wisdom from the wise…

“Always listen to your parents… each time I listened to my parents’ advice was a good decision… trust me on this one, you won’t fully appreciate them until you become a parent yourself.” –Susie Seaberg

“Remember often, ‘that which is noble is difficult.’ The world is full of people who want an easy and ‘happy’ life. Be willing to walk paths that are hard and rich, even if they are very difficult. ‘In your weakness, He is strong.’”—Mom

“If you know that God is for you, you matter what you face, all will turn out well for you. There may be times that you ‘wander’ and not understand, but this we know—He will guide you.” –Susie James

“I also would caution and challenge you at any age to obey Proverbs: ‘There is wisdom in many wise counselors.’ Throughout your entire life, be willing and humble enough to earnestly seek out the wisdom and counsel of those who are steadfast in Christ and seasoned in life. That combination is so very valuable. Be a sponge around those men and women who have both of those qualities and are willing to share wisdom with you. Savor those moments and people.” –Mom

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