More Wisdom from the Wise

 “Always be on guard of anything or anyone that may come between you and Jesus. Stay close to God and continue to surround yourself with Godly influences in all areas of your life. Become culturally relevant without becoming spiritually irrelevant.” –Amy Moore

“Never loose sight of God and His plans for you. Satan will try to tempt you more than you have ever been tempted in your life and it is so important to be part of a group that will hold you accountable and will truly have your best interest at heart. Remember Jeremiah 29:11-13. God has a plan for you, and I know it is not to lose sight of Him. Turn to Him for everything and constantly seek His will. If you do this, you will have a wonder college experience without fear or regret.” –Jenn Gamble

“If you choose to invest your gifts into furthering God’s Kingdom, they will harvest for you eternal treasure, where ‘neither rust can destroy or thieves can steal’—its yours forever!” –Susie James

 “One tip I will give you…schedule an hour with God into your day…I’m CONVINCED that this is a huge reason why I grew spiritually at Baylor. There are so many fun things to do and people to meet—but just guard your time with God.” –Ellie Bennett

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