Wisdom from the wise…

For my 18th birthday, my mom asked a number of wise women involved in my life to write me letters filled with encouragements and wisdom. She read them to me on a special girls’ weekend before I left for college. Ideally, my mom wanted to scrapbook them for me, but after 4.5 years, I pleaded to have them for my own. The wisdom is abundant, so I thought I’d take a couple posts to share…

“So… my best advice to you is to listen. Listen to your parents and your mentors, to your godly friends, and first of all and most of all, learn to listen well to God. While it is cliché, it is also true—He has a very specific plan and direction for you, but it is sometimes easy to miss His voice because we listen to those who tell us things (even well-intended things!) that might seem more rewarding or easier. Learn to listen with an open heart and with open hands—not holding too tightly to your plans, but very eager to lay hold of His.” – Mary Sample

“You must remember to give every opportunity a chance to grow, but never compromise who you are.”—Heather Fuller

“One of Uncle Jeter’s sayings I like, ‘The open door could actually be an open mind shaft’ That’s where wisdom comes into play. One can live life with all the zest and joyful abandonment doing the hardest work on the most difficult days while knowing she is doing what God created her to do, living with His wisdom” –Aunt Susan


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