Merry Christmas from the Morses!

Dear friends and family,

Its Christmastime in the Morse family (and likely your family as well). Thus I find myself once again writing this letter to recap our year. You can read last year’s letter here.

Chuck continues working at Windstream and leading a community group. He still likes to fish, hunt and exercise the muscles used for sitting, as he puts it. He has also begun doing construction to help out with my mom’s practice. This year that has included building a bridge in my parents’ backyard for Billy Goat’s Gruff (I’m anxiously awaiting the fountain and stream he is planning to put in come spring)and all three of the little pigs’ homes. There was one of straw, one of sticks, and one of bricks; all three collapse when you push them. In writing this letter, I asked my dad what was new in his life this year to include. His response: family vacation without any children. It is clear that he is well over the empty nest.

Rachel on the other hand almost invited me to go on family vacation with them until Dad corrected her. She continues working as a speech pathologist with her own practice and a therapy room full of toys in their home. She goes above and beyond in caring for her kiddos- there have been multiple live reenactments of books, complete with life size props (i.e.bridges and collapsible houses). She also recently adopted a puppy for therapy named Zoe. Though I opted for her to adopt a small child from China, I am excited to meet the new addition to the family. Though I don’t get to spend much time in Little Rock, my parents have made it down to Waco quite a bit this year: SING, graduation, family vacation to Schlitterbahn (Cole took Justin’s place), World Mandate, and Women of Faith. I LOVE seeing my family and can’t complain about the free meals I get when they are here. 

Justin finished his first year in Medical School at UNC and is well into his second. He continues to excel academically ranking somewhere near the top of his class, and LOVES sharing all the information he is learning in school. Pull up a chair and ask him about any physiological process. He spent the summer in Chapel Hill working under a grant; however, he would have to explain the details of his work . He also received a grant to equip a van to take into the inner city to do health screenings which he has begun doing on weekends with a friend. Today he’s changing NC; tomorrow he’ll be changing the world. Justin and Adair are still dating and are going on 5 years now. Adair is across the country in Seattle where she is in graduate school for Occupational Therapy. We were so happy to have her for Thanksgiving this year, and I think my mom was exceptionally excited to have us all in Little Rock.

I graduated from Baylor in May and was sent to China with a team from Joni and Friends as a graduation gift. It was incredibly amazing and unprecedentedly refreshing. I spent the rest of the summer in Waco working at a recreation facility and learning how to rest. I went off of migraine medications for the first time ever and love living life pain-free and drug-free! I began Elevate in August, and started a new job at a PT/OT clinic. I am still amazed that this (Elevate) is really my life. “Class” consists of worship, prayer, discipleship, encouragement, and running hard after Jesus every day. It’s a foundational year that is no doubt impacting the way I will live out the rest of my life.

So that’s the Morse family for now. Thanks for reading. I’ll hopefully have a family pic up soon (as soon as I get it) so check back to see our good looking family in one frame!


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