BFF <3

I have a whole list of things to do for this week. And a schedule with little time to do them. Thus, it seems the perfect time to write on my blog.

It is rare to find true friends in the first weeks of college and remain so throughout and after. But I did. And you see them below.A girl from community group. A high school friend’s cousin. A study partner from honor’s chemistry. A group of life-long friends. Our diverse lives and lifestyles blended together and filled with lots of random laughs, tears, encouragements and prayers.

Nincy, Caroline, Catie, and Me

We stand in the same place we did four years ago, but not a bit like the women we were then. We have shared a lifetime of experiences since then, and we have all graduated with a college degree. Caroline is getting married. Nincy has a real job. And Catie is going to be a Dr. Simply put, we are turning into grown-ups. We have replaced our flaky freshman natures with steadfast pursuit of the path ahead, and we all walk more confidently in our identity in Christ loving Jesus exponentially more.

These are the women I will hold dear to my heart for years to come. They are the do or die,laugh at your quirks,  in it 100%, just a phone call away kind of friends that don’t have to live near in vicinity to reside near to your heart.

Is it immature to say they are BFF’s?


BFF. ❤


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