God loves me a child with disabilities.

I have spent the last week in Raleigh, NC with Elevate building relationships, sharing the gospel, and connecting students with the church. It was a beautiful week as we walked in favor and saw lives transformed before our eyes. I could tell dozens of stories about salvation, healing, and community, but my heart resides in a single one of God’s perfect pure love for me.

He knows me so well.

And He loves me so perfectly.

Friday night a group of us were at the mall eating dinner and sharing the gospel. Sitting in the food court I looked up to see a young hispanic boy in a wheelchair not far from us. My heart was stolen.

I went over and began talking to the young man, named P. Sharing with his mom of my love for children like him with disabilities and the significance and value of these children in the eyes of the Lord, I had an open door. She committed her life to Jesus.

The whole time, we were feeding P as he hit us and rocked in his chair. But as I looked him in the eyes and told him of Jesus’ love for him and the great purpose He has for his life, P was filled with joy and began to laugh.

His mom’s face brightened at his response and I explained that it was the Holy Spirit… and he understands. He may not walk or talk or make many purposeful actions, but the power of the Holy Spirit allows him to understand.

Pulling a Gabriel House picture out of my wallet I shared testimonies of the power of the Holy Spirit in the kids’ lives as I watched a fresh revelation of the significance of her son fill her heart and mind.


However, as I walked away excited, all I could think was my God really really knows and loves me. In a season where children with disabilities are almost absent from my life, there was P and his mom. God loves me a lot. He loves me a child with disabilities.

Thank you Lord.

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