Send a kid to school for the 1st time.


Thats the best way for me to put it. For the last couple years we have prayed and prayed for the chance for some of our kids to go to school, and to learn. The education system isn’t the same in Mexico, and so most children with special needs are left without an education despite their enormous potentials.

God has heard us and answered. We have asked and it is being given. We have sought and we have found. We have knocked and the door is being opened.

Nene, Pilar, Ruben, and Sergio have the opportunity to go to a special school in Ensenada!!! They are going to school.

If you have followed along for a while, you may remember stories of these kids and probably joined and interceding for a school setting for them. Rejoice with us.

In order for this to really happen though, they need sponsors to join them and send them to school. Tuition is $120/year for all 4 and Uniforms will be aroun $300. There may be some additional needs as well to cover Dr.’s appts to attend.

Would you be willing to join them? Would you be willing to send a kid to school for the first time in their lives? And to forever change their lives?

You can donate here at Mex Med’s website or mail a check to the address below. Please be sure to indicate GH-school fees/uniforms.

Mexican Medical Ministries 7850 Lester Ave. Lemon Grove, CA 91945


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