dressed and ready

I feel about like a little girl that went to work with her dad and came home sure of what she wants to be when she grows up. Dressed in scrubs 5 sizes too big, but ready to be doctor and go to work. Remember when you were like that? With dreams and aspirations, ready to act well before your time?

This weekend was World Mandate, a missions conference put on by my church. Many people first experience a passion for reaching the nations during this weekend and proceed to give their lives to reaching the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Our speakers were powerful and they boldly spoke the word of God, sharing stories from their lives and challenging us to live fully and urgently for Jesus.

This would be amazing if I wasn’t already anxious to go. By the end of the last speaker on Sunday my heart was burning for children with disabilities all around the world. I can only explain it as a heightened awareness of their presence and great needs in every country. The altar call was who wanted to run to the battle? ME! This wasn’t new, but I was hoping I would get a different answer from God about going.

The lady praying over me kept speaking that she felt like God was saying this was a season of equipping even beyond elevate; it is a time of God preparing me and giving me the tools I need.

I was hoping for Drop your nets and follow me. As if I hadn’t heard God speak the same thing about training and equipping almost every day for the last couple years.

Elevate. Graduate School. Experience. Nations.

That’s at least 5 years.

So like I was saying in the beginning, I’m a little girl who went to work with her Dad (heavenly Father) in Mexico and China a couple of times and came back sure of her career path. I’m dressed and ready, with a heart fully devoted yet years ahead of training in order to actually ‘go to work.’

Training is great. And so important. But don’t you know, I can’t wait to really go.


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