Charis: Grace.

Eucharisteo: Thanksgiving.

Chara: Joy.

 In her book, 1000 Gifts, Ann Voskamp writes of making a list of all the daily gifts from God. She learns the practice of eucharisteo in the midst of the joys and chaos of life. Challenged by the need to recognize all of God’s gifts in the daily I set a goal of making my own list, 300 gifts in 30 days. However, by day 15 I was already past it. They look something like this:

1. Pastors confessing

 2. Flying kites

3. Laying on the dam looking at the stars

49. opening your eyes underwater

50. catching pretend fish in the water

 51. 3 kids floating on their backs

112. sleep

113. sonic dates with friends

174. 2 month old baby falling asleep in my arms

161. little girl twirling in a sparkly skirt

162. dress up clothes

163. clean diapers

164. homemade chocolate chip cookies

192. camp friends

193. community that prays

194. medical procedures

238. goosebumps

239. little Bibles

240. not having to go to school on the “1st” day

241. coconut granola 2

92. new revelations of an old passage of scripture

293. having a job

294. following the leading of the Lord my shepherd

295. a heart that only wants God

296. Snickers at work

300. couch talks with friends

301. cool windy summer evenings

302. being pushed on a swing by a 3 year old

303. kids that remember you better than you do them

304. homemade cards

I have found that beyond the grace and joy that come with thanksgiving, so does time. It is not a lack of time we have, but rather a lack of thanksgiving for what has been given. Give it a try. Its changing the way I think.


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