Waco Summer

When I start Elevate in a week I will have had almost 4 months of summer. Most of it here in Waco. Thank you Jesus.

As I launched into this season, I couldn’t help but think how weird it was that this was the summer that God asked me to stay in Waco. My longest summer wouldn’t be spent in an orphanage or investing overseas for months. It would be spent in Waco. However, my thought process was off. I wasn’t staying in Waco, I was going to Waco. Right where I was supposed to be.

It has been different than past years where I worked as hard as I could and crammed as much as possible into three months, pouring out all that I had such a beautiful chaotic way.

This summer I rested. Or at least began learning how. And I loved it just as I have every other summer.

As I have been processing the last four months God continues to speak Psalm 23 to me, bringing the words off of the page.

The Lord is my shepherd. He leads me, guides me, directs my paths, cares for me, protects me, runs after me, waits patiently for me, and tends to me. I shall not be in want. In Him I am secure. Because of the abundance He has placed in my life, I am content. In chaos and in quiet. In Mexico, China, Waco, or wherever else He leads me. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He. Makes. Me. If it weren’t for Him and his tender direction, I would not really rest. I would not truly enjoy (I’m weird I know) free time, sleeping in, nights at home, long runs, family vacations, and free days. He leads me beside quiet waters. And oh how refreshing they are. He restores my soul. Fully and completely. He doesn’t just refresh me, but he restores my soul, laying a foundation for the future.

This summer, this season of rest, refreshment, and restoration, it has been beautiful. And living in Waco, its been wonderful.

Now I’m just so glad I don’t even have to leave.


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