Personal Statement:

As I begin my applications for graduate school I am faced with writing multiple personal statements. Currently I have 4500 characters to explain why I want to be an OT…

Everything in me answers like this:

Why do I want to be an OT?

Because of Betzy, Chely, Ely, Sonia, Teddy, Jose, Antonio, Alex, Sergio, Pilar, Irene, Jose Ramon, Jesus, Eymie, Esmerelda, Jose Manuel, Darryl, Lydia, Angelica, Reuben, Josue, Pascual, Lucy, Maritza, Jaime, Thelma, Victor, Raul, Kimberly, Gaby, Marcos, Ivon, Mimi, Toby, Beth, Vincent, Asa, joey, Maya, Katherine, Teddy, Philip, Hayden, Leonard, Elisabeth, Lingling, Wendy, Stacy, Tyler, Xander, Cody, Lexi, JoElle, Cole, Caleb, Tyler, Joel, Derek, Derek, Jonah, Zachariah, Ameen, Kylie, Tom, Harlan, Vicki, Janie, Neil, Jenna, Julie, Jamie, Chris, Sidney, Travis and soooo many others.

Because with each of those names, there is a story and a whole list of reasons.

However, thats not at all what the admissions committees want to read. Nor would it help my chances of acceptance. To them, those names are nothing more than names. But to me, they are the beginning of a life devoted to working with children with special needs. They are 1000 fond memories of the Lord’s faithfulness. They are all the reasons that I want to be an OT. And more.


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