Lights to the world

Today was our last full day in China. I could stay here so much longer but I guess that’s no surprise.

In the last two weeks we have evaluated children, made home care recommendations, created a circle time program and positioning schedule, developed a packet with schedules and ideas for visiting groups, rearranged and fit kids in wheelchairs, reorganized rooms and spent hours upon hours loving on the children.

And that doesn’t even include our team times and tourist days.

As a team we grew together as we approached our Father, walked in his favor and depended on his wisdom. We laughed with those on staff and interceded together for one another and on behalf of shepherds field.

When I return to the US tomorrow and am asked ‘how was china?’ my answer will be nothing short of wonderful. And though everything above played into my experience here, I will likely share of the children.

Like the one with autism that spends his days hiding from the world behind the couch… But would sit with us smiling and laughing in contentment curled up beneath my arm on the couch.

Or the little girl who is blind and does nothing more than lay in bed… But would light up with a smile when we held her in our arms.

And then there is the boy with CP who couldn’t stop laughing the whole time we were walking in his new chair where he was strapped in for safety. Its the only time I’ve ever tried to get a child to stop laughing… I was concerned about his safety!

Oh and there is the little boy at another special needs orphanage we visited that can’t move his arms but does everything with his feet: eating, playing, fine motor activities (all with a gentle smile and joyful spirit) he even gave me a high five with his toes!

And you can’t deny the presence of the lord as children break out singing Jesus loves me in English with the ayis attempting to join in even though they don’t speak the language.

I could keep going on and on about the children here and the ways we have witnessed our Father working in and through their lives. They are such brilliant lights to the world. Maybe it’s selfish of me but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t give up such a calling for anything.

The kingdom belongs to children such as these and I want to be a part.


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