China Update

The last couple days have been full with my heart continuing to expand, our team continuing to be filled with greater love for the children and the children daily being loved on by amazing women from China and the US.

Everyday we fall more in love with the kids with shared joy over every smile picture and stride in a good direction.

There have been those children that have found a special place in each of our hearts. Unfortunately some of us arent yet old enough to bring the children home and others receives clear instructions against doing so. Someday…

We have all come to love Dr.Ana, one if the doctors here. She is so fun, encouraging, and life giving. I wish I had someone like her in my life all the time! In the midst of taking us jewelry shopping and sight seeing and planning for the children she makes plans for each of our returns.

One of the older girls at sfcv has been teaching a couple of us Chinese dances. We are pretty much pros now (or at least I feel like I was doing better than in Sing)

Tonight was spa night complete with hair cuts, face masks, pedicares, and massages for all the female staff, interns and our team. It was so much fun to pamper one another and the other women we have so easily come to love and admire.

Just like always I am being transformed by all that our father is doing here and loving every moment. I am so excited for all that is still to come and still to be done both her and upon return!


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