From Mollie…

Ni Hao!

This is Mollie, a fellow teammate of Hanna. Although Hanna has been hatin’ on me and Lindsay for being Aggies, she has since repented and consoled us by assuring that she “thinks we’re great!”

We are having a blast serving the staff, loving on the precious kiddos, and experiencing the culture!

Our fine motor skills are drastically improving as we begin to master the art of using chopsticks.

We each have acquired about 3-4 Chinese words. One of Hanna’s words included “buh-bye”, translated “bye-bye”…

Hanna and I both suffered a bout of missing luggage but it finally arrived Wednesday and we did a happy dance for clean clothes! One of the long term staff here commented on our delight by saying “Now you know what I feel like when I get permesean cheese!” (an item she misses from the States).

Tomorrow we head to the Great Wall!

Thanks for your prayers!


The Lord has blessed us immensely in allowing us to accomplish so much in a short period of time!


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