i love china.

Right now I am listening to videos of the kids singing praise songs in Chinese and English as I try to come up with a way to put everything into words.
We are walking in favor, laying a foundation that will far outlast our time and having a BLAST doing it. I am absolutely amazed by the facilities, programs, founders and children. They have had hundreds of kids adopted and have funded and care for even more surgeries. The children go to an onsite school upon turning 2.5 and receive therapy, which for many is multiple days each week.
In the midst of all thats going on, our team is working to create visual schedules meeting the needs of the children with greater needs, creating a circle time program for the kids not attending school and putting together information and activity ideas for visiting groups.
I am so blessed to be a part of this team… We encompass PT, OT and special education…. And when we arrived found out that a speech pathologist had just arrived for a month! This group of women has such a heart and devotion to what we are working towards and such clear and founded vision. It is so fun and life giving to be around people that are given to the same things! Don’t you know that I could spend the rest of my life doing this?
I have fallen in love with these children. I say that almost as if it were a doubt that it would happen. Remember how in the grinch stolenchristmas his heart grew 2 sizes? Thats about how I feel. My heart has indeed grown in size as I have been filled with such great love for China and orphans with disabilities!
I have a whole list of favorites and am amazed by who they all are. But to tell of them all would just be too much. Please continue to remember us over the next week as we ask for continued favor power and wisdom.


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