China tomorrow

I am so excited.

Like a dog about to get a bone.

Or a 6 year old outside a Raffi concert.

Or a 12 year old girl about to meet Bieber.

Its a struggle to sit still, and the chance of sleep tonight is low.

In about 12 hours (not that I’m counting down or anything) I will be boarding a plane that leaves for China. More than anything, I love going on new adventures with Jesus. It has been a blast already as the Lord has led me to go and provided for the trip in ways I had never imagined, from finances to community to education… so I can hardly wait to see what He has in store for the next two weeks!

Though we’ve only spoken briefly, I can already tell that we have an amazing team, and we will be working at a wonderful childrens village. But its only that way because of many prayers from many people all across the US and around the world. The prayers of a righteous man avail much, and we want to see much happen as the result of this trip, so I ask you to join us as we serve in China by praying for us.

Pray for Shepherd’s Field Children’s Village:

  • for the health of the children, nannies, and founders
  • for provision in regards to finances, workers, and medical needs 
  • for open, receptive hearts of the children and orphanage staff
  • for fruitful relationships to be built between the staff and our team
  • spiritual understanding and growth of the kids

Pray for the team:

  • for health and safety in travel and as we go
  • for unity and community on the team
  • that we would boldly walk out in our giftings
  • for strength and discerment against spiritual attacks
  • for wisdom in every interaction (during and after our time there)
  • for eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that are open

Pray for me:

  • that the Lord would expand my heart
  • for clarity of vision in what He has called me to
  • that I would unselfishly serve and love the children, nannies, founders, and team

I am excited to share with you the fruit of your prayers when I return!


One response to “China tomorrow

  • Susie

    Just heard the news about your flight delay. ) : I am praying that you are able to leave tomorrow and that the people sitting by you for 10 plus hours are amazing.
    We love you, Susie and Cole

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