Disability Ministry, Missions, and Community

This afternoon our team going to China had a conference call: pre-field training.

It was the first time we actually got to ‘meet’ each other. Seven of us connected by a phone and a desire to share the love of Christ with children with special needs. How great it was to pray together and hear a bit of each others’ stories. How great to share with five other women a passion for disability ministry and missions.


Let me say that again: how GREAT it is to share a passion for disability ministry and missions.

When I left Gabriel House in December, I was completely at peace. However, my heart longed for more and I simply told God, I don’t want to keep doing this alone. Even as great as it was: I would do it again. I wanted community in the midst. I asked that I wouldn’t go by myself again. But how many people do you know that first want to work with people with disabilities, and second do so in another country? It seems I often come across one or the other. So my prayer was simple. It reminds me of the prayer I prayed 3 years ago asking God to do something, anything, with my heart for disability ministry and missions. Except this time, already given to the other two, I added in community.

And now, three weeks from tomorrow I am going to China with a team of women that are given to God and his purposes for His children with disabilities.  

I am blessed. Excited. Grateful. Eager.

And that hardly even captures it.

As we all prepare for the trip, pray for us. Pray for us to walk out in our gifting. Pray that we will imitate Christ in a manner that brings glory to His name. Pray for health and safety in preparation and as we travel. Pray for the children we will meet and the missionaries and ladies at Shepherd’s Field Village. Pray that God will stir in each of us and confirm callings which He has already given us.

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