These three remain:

Now these three remain: my bed, my coffee maker, and my bible. But the greatest of these is…

Obviously I know what the answer is. And should be.

But as I have been reading through Ezekiel and God’s position on idols, I pause.

Is my Bible-God’s word- the greatest in my life? How often am I choosing my bed and a couple extra hours of sleep over that extra time with the Lord? And how often am I making time for coffee at the expense of my time in the Word? How often am I placing other things above the Father?

Thus, I pause. Because that answer is far too often.

And I don’t want to have an idolatrous heart. I don’t want to elevate anything in my heart or my life to a place above my Lord. Not posessions, friends, family or food. Not activities, images, plans or dreams. My God is worthy of the throne.

The old saying is still true: too much of a good thing may not be good. I want to keep good things good but most importantly, I want God on the throne of my heart and life. Who better to rule than the King of Kings?

I am so grateful for such a gracious and good God.


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