This weekend I went home for the easter holiday and found refreshment in the presence of the Lord and in the midst of my family. It was wonderful. I truly enjoyed running through the park, riding by the river, shooting skeet with dad, and shopping with mom. Oh Little Rock. Most of all though, I found myself more refreshed than ever spending time with the Lord at a park by the river filled with wildflowers and wildlife.

Families of deer. Cool wind. The smell of honeysuckle. Fields of wildflowers. The sound of the river flowing.

The Lord was lavishing His unfailing love upon me.

Met with the craziness of the last week of school, my heart and mind are drawn back to that place, to the knowledge that the Lord gives us rest and I can be still before Him, know that He is God, and rejoice.


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  • Your roomz

    And then you came back to school and had the wonderful opportunity to buy a coffee mug with your roommate’s face on it 🙂

  • Susie

    I love reading your blog late at night after Cole is asleep. Your passion for The Lord and your honesty in how you are trying to live the fullest life possible always inspires me. Your writing makes me think about things in a new way. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures!

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