In a name.

Whenever I’m on campus, at church, or even just in Wal-mart, I notice people with special needs or disabilities. I am drawn towards them and love it when I have the opportunity to say hi, get to know them, or grab lunch. Through serving with Special Needs Ministry over the last couple years, I have loved getting to know so many amazing people. And though I’m usually pretty good with faces, I can’t always say the same about names.

While having lunch in the SUB today, I made eye contact and smiled at a guy that I had seen a couple times before. He is almost always in there and is a man marked by the joy of the Lord. I was drawn towards him, though I was pretty sure we hadn’t met. Until he called me out by name. He knew my name. I must have looked stunned, but nevertheless he offered his name, and reminded me that we had met at the church under the bridge. Just as I was processing how long ago that must have been, he beat me to it telling me that I hadn’t been there in a while because I actually go to Antioch, but had come when I was a junior. He remembered from another conversation that I didn’t frequent the SUB much because it was cheaper to eat at home. WOW. I was astounded.

I could tell you more about our conversation, about the way he passionately pursues the Lord, his ministry at HEB and Wal-Mart or how he is called to many churches, but that is merely a sidenote. He is such a man of God.

The way that my friend Freddy is so intentional about every friendship, every conversation, by remembering names, remembering details– he places worth and value on the lives of others. I think that may be part of the lived out part of the gospel.

I desire to be like him.

To better live out the gospel.

To place worth on lives.

I want to be more intentional.

Remember names. And conversations.

They are worth it.

Because the people are worth it.


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