Counting Down

Friday night was Tri-Delta Formal. My very last. The events are passing by and the count down for so much begins…

6 days until the Walk For Autism

11 days until I go to Little Rock for Easter

19 days until my last class in college

33 days until I graduate

51 days until CHINA!

As I looked up the number of days remaining until each of those, it left me with a bittersweet nostalgia. I am SO excited to be graduating and eagerly await all the Lord has in store for me in the weeks and months that follow the epic day I walk across the Ferrell Center stage. And obviously I am stoked to go to China. Whereas God asked me to go to Mexico (and I obviously loved it and everyone there) I’ve been asking God for a chance to go to China for a while. However, its kind of weird to think of everything that has been so familiar that will come to change in the next couple months. Many of my friends will move around Texas and in surrounding states. This will be the first summer in five years I won’t have crossed the Mexican border. I’ll have new roommates and for 9 months I will get to be in school to grow closer to Jesus. Gosh. Weird. Crazy. Exciting. Its going to be awesome.


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