Love and faithfulness.

Have you ever picked up a book and been unable to put it down because you are just so excited to see what happens next? I just spent the last hour and half flipping through my journal from the last year. The best part though was with each thing I read—each prayer, each cry, each promise, each declaration of faith… I already knew what had happened next. I knew how God had answered each prayer, heard each cry, been faithful to every promise, and given me abundantly more than I had asked!

Zooming out to see all that He has done in the life of my journal, I am left in awe.  

He is faithful. Compassionate. Tender. Defender. True. Good. Near. Restoring. Redeemer. Laughing. Joy.

The last year has been the best of my life. It’s not that it has been a stroll through the park free from trials or heartache; I don’t ever expect it to be. But in those places, I have gotten to venture deeper into the heart of God than ever before and experience greater intimacy with Him than ever in my life. And I hope and pray that with every journal I finish, I may look back and say the same.

I’m not a writer. I don’t like to journal. It is a discipline. But it is one worth maintaining. Just as a reminder of our Father’s abundant love and faithfulness.


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