Spring Fling Success

I am blessed beyond measure.

My God is so good. And my life—it is awesome.

Tonight we had our 4th annual Spring Fling Dance. There is nothing like this night.

Working with people with special needs, or really in any ministry, there are the common joys, the times you just have to laugh, and then the plain heartbreaks.

20 minutes before we were to start people were walking in and I hear “Hey! I remember you! Remember? I danced with you last year!” Yep. I hadn’t seen him in a year, but he still remembered. Another guy began to ask me about my life and when I needed to greet everyone in the “heat” outside, he brought me a cool glass of water and his company. He went around twirling all the girls throughout the night. What a gentleman. Pure joy.

 For the last 4 or 5 songs, though I danced with one guy. And to say that I danced with him might be strong. I danced. He stood there and held my hand. And stared at me. There was NO expression on his face. NONE. He didn’t smile, didn’t laugh, didn’t move. I claim by faith that appearances are deceiving and he was indeed having fun. At least he said I was nice?

I started talking with a girl I had met last year and remembered how she had lost her mother and greatly desired a boyfriend. She began to share with me again and we started talking about that empty place and how Jesus is the only one who can fill it. She began to reveal her hurts and open up to the Lord. But then I heard one of the hardest things ever. She couldn’t be a Christian. She had been told that cripples can’t go to heaven. I have typed this a couple times now hoping the words would come, but they just aren’t there to describe the tender emotion that came over me in that time. She prayed to accept Jesus though and declared over herself that she is a woman of God!

In the midst of the joys and the laughs and the heartaches, I love most how God is so apparently working whether in them or in me. I just can’t get enough.


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