Awaken testimonies… to stir your faith

In short, tons of people were saved, set free, and healed. Lives were radically changed in Edinberg and on the trip. Just a few stories…

 My friend Meredith and I walked up to two high school girls at a park who almost immediately began to share their whole life stories with us. Both alread knew God and were coming back to Him. We heard about a lost father and the brokenness of a family allowing us to share the Father heart of God to a hurting and receptive girl. Then we heard about how the girls were looking for security in their boyfriends but it just wasn’t satisfying. We got to explain that and how only God will satisfy them, but unlike their boyfriends He won’t ever leave them. It’s a promise. Then one of the girls shared how she had compromised her purity but has this desire to now wait for marriage. She wanted to know if God could restore it? Ummm… YES! She now walks as a pure woman of God. We walked the girls through how to have a quiet time and hold each other accountable. Then they told us that they have all these friends at school that need to know about Jesus: how do they share with them? And we got to walk them through a track and how to share with their friends and give them a handful. These girls are going to change the world. Watch out.

With a group going house to house in the colonias, we waited on the Lord and heard cacti, and Father heart of God. We arrived at a house with cacti outside where Nicole shared the gospel with the little boy playing. He had never heard of Jesus and he accepted Him right then. As we asked the mom if she had a personal relationship with Jesus, she kind of looked away. It was so clear that God wanted to reveal His Father heart to his daughter. I began to explain that God calls her His daughter and thinks she is so beautiful. He loves her. But she was already weeping. So I just hugged her and asked her if she wanted a relationship with Jesus. She said yes. We heard a bit more of her story and got to encourage her and see the joy on her face and laughter over her as she prayed the prayer of salvation.

The last night, we had already seen God’s favor, seen salvation, and healing. I was with a powerhouse of a group of men and women of God going house to house in a neighborhood. At the last house, the group was sharing the gospel and the lady already knew Jesus (PTL) , but she asked if anyone knew Spanish. Her mom was inside and sick and could use someone to pray for her. Well, I happen to. So, we went in and found her laying in a hospital bed. It turns out that she had a broken leg that had become swollen, unable to move and painful. We pray for it and the pain went away! Our group shared with the daughter how to listen to God and encouraged her as I talked with the grandmother. I just asked if she felt close to God and she began to weep. So I asked if she wanted to know how…through the tears she cried out yes. As I took out the Spanish track she told me that she couldn’t see anything. Of course I could have just told her about Jesus, but my God heals and He gives sight to the blind. So I prayed for her to see the track. A little better in the left eye she told me. yep. The rest of the group came over and we all prayed. Even better in the left eye! And we are still believing for the right too! She read the track with me, prayed to accept Jesus, then heard the voice of the Lord proclaiming His sovereignty over her family. Wow. The rest of the time we were there she kept proclaiming God is power, God is power Dios es poder, Dios es poder. Oh. As we handed the bibles to the daughter she told us she would read to her mother. We told her she could read now and she laughed. She was in awe of the power of God. As am I.


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