I should be sleeping…

I should be in bed right now. Sleeping. I wake up in less than 6 hours.

But I. Just. Cant. Sit. Still. AHHHH.

So what you knew about my China trip this summer in the last blog… well thats pretty much what I knew too. It was me saying yes to God. It all lined up: orphans with special needs, short term, community, China being one of the countries on my list, and the vision of the ministry being the same that the Lord has given me.

Tonight though, I got the names of my other team members, information about where we will be serving, and some of the names of the 100 or so kids!!! Sitting in the library with Elise, I had to bite my tongue not to burst with excitement. It was all of a sudden so real, and I am soooo excited!

I’m excited to serve with others that have the same vision and heart. I’m excited serve where there are around 100 orphans with special needs. I’m excited to learn from my team members experiences and to know their hearts. I’m excited to have mine stretched beyond what I can even imagine. I’m excited to go to China. I am just plain excited.

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