Something to brighten your day…

My freshman year I became involved with the Special Needs Ministry at Baylor. That fall, alongside another sophomore, I began to co-lead, both of us without a clue in the world what to do. It was going to have to be God.

Today I sat at a luncheon for community partners and talked with the various groups we now serve alongside. As I listened to them share the impact our team has made and watched the way our sophomore leaders interacted and shared their hearts I couldn’t help but be simply AMAZED by all that God has done. I am amazed by the way clients’ lives have been changed by doing a craft and spending some time being loved on and encouraged or the support that our group continues to provide for supper clubs. And I am amazed by the hearts of the people on our team—we have such an awesome team of men and women that love the Lord and love people so well.

So now I get to serve under and lead with two amazing women of God that are full of love for the people we serve. They pray for them. They laugh with them. They eat with them. They sing and craft and dance with them. And they lead others so well in doing so. I’m not sure that I could be more excited about the way that the Lord is moving through this team and the way that he is growing it.

This afternoon I was excited already as Alexis led us in prayer outside of Friends For Life. I didn’t have to prepare anything nor lead anyone, but instead got to encourage her and follow along. Today we were making suns because the people at FFL brighten our day—and we were encouraging them to make a sun for someone that brightens their day. It was great. Rays of sunshine and outbursts of song. We sang for everyone and shared our sunshine with the rest of the daycare. I know that I am supposed to be the one encouraging… but gosh, I sure walk out of there feeling lifted up!


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