The Morse Family New Years Letter

Dear friends, family, anyone else who might get this or stumble upon it,

Every Christmas, my family gets letters from friends about what their families are doing etc. etc. accompanied by the classy looking Christmas picture. You have probably gotten these as well. In the Morse home though, we neither take the cute family pic nor send out the letter (though rumors mill that my mom mails cards from time to time).  Nevertheless, when I showed up in LR with a wealth of time on my hands my dad suggested I write this. We shall call it ‘the Morse family New Years letter.’

In May Justin graduated from Baylor majoring in Economics and minoring and Biology and Chemistry—yeah, he’s pretty smart. Come August, my parents packed him up and moved him out to North Carolina where he began med school at UNC. My brother is growing up. Rumor even has it, he now cooks and keeps the place clean! He is loving med school, and would gladly practice all he is learning on you if you were to allow him. Ask him about palpating your liver.

Rachel is just as busy as ever. In May she culminated the No Excuses Mentoring Program celebrating 10 years and 3 graduates! She continues with a full time practice out of her home working with her kiddos with Autism, and this summer she even helped put on A-Camp! And in her free time she even took up yoga for a while. I hear she can do the pretzel, but I haven’t actually seen it…

I’m 21 and to be completely honest, I still don’t know what my dad really does. He always tells me that he draws pictures and tells stories but every time I talk to him, it seems like he is either travelling somewhere or going out to lunch with some vendor. Hard life. Nevertheless, he is still working at Windstream and doing a great job. SO GLAD HE IS AND BLESSED (he pays for a significant portion of my life.) Chuck is also still leading community group, hunting, helping my mom out, and mentoring Dantrell who has now made it through his first semester of college!

I have one semester left at Baylor before I will graduate with a degree (in May aka on time) in Psychology. Next year, I am planning on doing Elevate, a discipleship school through Antioch, the church I attend in Waco. I have been blessed to go to Gabriel House a couple times this year hanging with the kids, teaching school and doing therapy this summer, and visiting just before Christmas. Still in love with their ingenuous joy-filled selves.

And since they are kind of like my family/children I add in GH. The kids at Gabriel House are sooooo good: laughing, loving, learning, and growing just as much as ever. God is doing so much there with 11 of them in school each day with an AWESOME teacher, and the boys going to church each week with Angelica and Pancho. The Lord provided gifts and food for allll the kids and ladies to celebrate Christmas abundantly.

So, that’s the Morse family New Year’s letter. Hope you guys have had a great Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

The Morses


2 responses to “The Morse Family New Years Letter

  • Holly Jenkins

    Thanks for sharing your family newsletter. I too have been thinking maybe I should do one, but then I have to mail it out. On the otherhand, I will probably skip it this year.

    Your mom and dad are the neatest people I know, and they have sure done an excellent job raising you into the wonderful young lady you have become.

    I wish you a blessed 2011, and look forward to reading your blog this new year.


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    […] Its Christmastime in the Morse family (and likely your family as well). Thus I find myself once again writing this letter to recap our year. You can read last year’s letter here. […]

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