Today was my last day at Gabriel House for quite a while. And it was wonderful. It wasn’t that we did anything extra special, but it was just simple, and I find that oftentimes it is the most simple things we often take foregranted and later miss the most: dancing around a room, laughing together, sitting and watching a movie, eating lunch, making cards, or just holding one of the little ones (or bigger ones that think they are still little) in your arms. That was something like my day today. It has rained the last couple days flooding the col-de-sac which has kept everyone inside watching movies, eating popcorn, and trying to sneak gifts from beneath the Christmas tree.  Simple, but awesome.

Mostly I talk of the kids, but the thing is if we only invest in the kids, then when we leave the investment is left as we left it. However, if we equip those caring for them, then it continues. I can’t help but praise the Lord for many of the ladies’ love for the children, hunger for more of the Lord, and the opportunities to really invest in them. Please keep praying for them, and that they will continue to grow in their desire for the Lord and continue to disciple all the kids at Gabriel House!


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